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Franchise Opportunities

Established in 1986, Five Guys is a family owned and operated restaurant company. We began franchising in 2002 and are proud of the franchisees that have joined us. Together we have grown our company from five restaurants to over 1500 locations in sixteen countries.

Are you interested in joining us? We are currently interested in franchise partners for select international markets only.

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Markets Available For Development

Select international markets are open to franchise interest!

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We are pleased to announce that we are currently sold out in the United States and in Canada. Our franchisees are feverishly working on completing development of their territories.

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General Inquiry

Have a question that is not listed in our FAQ? Would you like to share your Five Guys experience with us? Please complete the form below and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible. We truly appreciate you taking the time to talk to us!


Why does Five Guys only serve burgers cooked well done?

By cooking all our burgers juicy and well done we are able to achieve two goals.

  1. Ensure a consistent product
  2. Meet or exceed health code standards for ground beef

We understand that there are varying opinions on what level a burger should be cooked for optimal flavor and our opinion is that our burgers taste best cooked juicy and well done.

Does Five Guys serve organic or free range beef?
While our beef is neither organic nor are the cattle free range, our distributor purchases raw materials from the major meat suppliers in the US who are required to treat the cattle humanely and follow all the procedures set forth by the USDA.
Is there pink slime in Five Guys burgers?
Five Guys uses 80/20 ground chuck-high quality ground beef containing only steer and heifer meat, which does not include any cow meat or fatty trimmings. We do not use ammoniated procedures to treat our ground beef. This means that there is NO "pink slime" in our burgers. Our beef comes from the percentage of companies that do NOT use these methods.
Do you offer any food which is suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, to a certain extent. Our veggie sandwich and grilled cheese sandwiches are suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians. One thing to take note of is that our veggie sandwich is NOT a veggie burger. Our veggie sandwich consists of as many "veggie" toppings as you desire and served on our basic bun. You can add cheese if you please. Our bread is toasted, but usually on a separate grill from meat products. However, there is always a chance for cross contamination, so please check at the individual location where you are ordering to be certain. Finally, our fries are just plain potatoes cooked in 100% peanut oil and are suitable for even vegan diets.
Do any Five Guys products contain soy or dairy?
Our rolls contain both soy and dairy.
Where can I find nutritional information on Five Guys food?
Our nutritional information is listed right on this site. Get a copy of our nutritional guide and you will find the nutritional information broken out by ingredient type so that you can build your burger!
What type of peanut oil does Five Guys use?
We use 100% peanut oil that is refined and contains only enough preservatives (less than .004%, so that the oil doesn't foam when we put our fries in!).
Why can't we take peanuts outside?
Although it is rare that a casual encounter with peanuts will cause an allergic reaction, we want to limit the risk of someone unknowingly coming into contact with peanuts.
If so many people are allergic to peanuts, why does Five Guys continue to offer them?
Over the past 20 years, peanuts have become part of the Five Guys identity. We by no means want to exclude guests from our store, but at the same time we would not want to disappoint our peanut eating guests. We make sure that we have signage on our doors and in our restaurants about the fact that we serve peanuts in bulk containers as we would never want someone to risk their health by coming into our restaurants.
Is Five Guys a Publicly Traded Company?
Five Guys is a privately owned company and we do not currently have plans to go public. However, we get these questions a lot and we take it as a compliment, thank you!
Does Five Guys Cater?
Unfortunately, we do not cater as our food does not hold up well under those circumstances. We can accommodate large orders though, and suggest that you call ahead or fax large orders into your local store.
Does Five Guys offer Gift cards?
We sell gift cards in almost all of our stores and gift cards are redeemable at all Five Guys locations. Our gift cards are also available to purchase online.
How can I find out when a store near me will be open?
Five Guys is constantly opening new locations across the nation and we do our best to list stores that are opening within the next few months on our website. Unfortunately, we can rarely predict the exact date that a store will open until just a few days prior, so we are not able to provide actual opening dates.
Does Five Guys offer coupons or discounts?
Five Guys does not offer any coupons or discounts. Heck, employees at the Five Guys can only get free burgers if they are working in the store! Why? We strive to serve the highest quality product possible, at a reasonable price, everyday! We do not discount the price of our product because we refuse to discount the quality of our product.
Is there a place to buy Five Guys t-shirts?
Our online store is currently unavailable. We do NOT sell t-shirts, hats etc. in our stores as we like to make sure we are focused on the most important part of the Five Guys experience… the burgers and fries!

Still Have a Question?

We love questions! Please fill out our feedback form to reach us. If you have a question or feedback for a specific store, we will send your question directly to the store, so they can personally respond. Thank you for taking the time to write to us!

Real Estate Inquiries

Five Guys continues to expand across the globe and we are always looking for great locations for new restaurants. If you think Five Guys would be a perfect fit for your development project, please contact our Franchise Development department by filling in the form below (include site details and your contact information).


  • Size: 2,000 to 3,000 square feet depending on project volume
  • Exposure: Corner or end-cap location is ideal, will consider in-line
  • Architecture: Building must offer unique or progressive architectural character
  • Frontage: 32 linear feet minimum
  • Ceiling Height: 14 feet (exposed ducting/truss system preferred)
  • HVAC: Suitable for restaurant with kitchen: Must be able to install commercial range hood at a reasonable cost 1 ton of cooling for every 150 feet
  • Gas Service: 2.5 inch incoming gas line
  • Parking: Ideally, 35 dedicated parking spaces (if not a high pedestrian area)
  • Signage: Must permit Five Guys signage package: Size of exterior signage must permit reasonable visibility at a distance of 80 yards and be at least 48 inches tall
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